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10 Ways to Find Joy in Life

What a wonderful life I've had! I only wish I'd realized it sooner. ~ Colette

Life is too short and precious. Please follow the 10 ways to reduce anxiety and enhance the joy, laughter in life.

1. Each day do something that reaffirms the beauty and joy of life.

Whether walking, gardening, playing with children sitting in the park, enjoys your favorite music or just sitting watching flowers in the garden, make yourself permission to recall the beautiful things around us

2. Do something positive.

Support charity. Volunteer locally. Voluntary action by you will help build a stronger community, which helps everyone.

3. Turn off the TV news and radio.

Always listen to the news would create anxiety, fear and anger. Eliminate negative thoughts by watching their favorite movies, hanging out the family fun or do anything that affirms the value of life.

4. Learn neighbor.

Out and meet people you do not really know. Building a passionate friendship that will help you safer in the community who live around us. Talking also helps you reduce anxiety and feel better about life.

5. Laughed.

Laughter is one of the best ways to remove negative thinking which is not harmful. In addition, laughter also reduces anxiety, depression and fear. Invite friends to dinner. Go watch comedy movies or entertainment. Play with children or dogs and cats. Whatever makes you happy is worth the price.

6. Beginning and ending on a positive message.

Instead of just woke up immediately turned on the TV or grabbed the newspaper to see the message, start with a favorite song or prayer. Remind ourselves that there were more bad things than good things in this world.

7. Not to anger and irritable dominate life.

Unprovoked attacks of anger not only hurt others but you. Seek clearance without affecting anyone, such as exercise, meditation, journal writing, painting, writing music ...

8. Before getting out of bed in the morning, think of something that makes you smile.

Whether the first kiss, first bring your puppy home, your hair on the pillow away kingdom ... smiles greet the morning will remind you find joy in the day. Also smiling also help you boost your immune system and increase stress tolerance.

9. To forgive.

The ability to forgive will do lasting relationships and help you heal and move forward.

10. Nurture families.

Now, more than ever, everyone needs to feel loved. In words and actions, for all members of the family, though near, though far away, though internal or external, that you love them all. Let your heart say when households Confused makes you forget the words.

Resource ~ 10 Ways to Find Joy in Life ~ JohnJuno

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